3 Ways to Disrupt Higher Ed

Higher education needs to innovate.

The satisfaction is going down while the price goes up. The COVID-19 pandemic and a declining birthrate is combining for fewer potential students at the same time that demand is going down.

There are three ways for higher ed to disrupt itself:

  1. Higher Ed everywhere – get education in high schools, businesses, correctional facilities, summer programs, anywhere it can to better educate the public
  2. Host the party – bring in experts to teach essential skills and use the higher education brand to better reach and educate the public
  3. View Educators as Innovators – help teachers be million dollar teachers by creating public facing courses for the private sector. This improves their product – the course – and educates professionals willing to pay for quality. It also builds the brand of higher education institutes.

Learn More in This Video

Learn ways that higher ed can disrupt itself in this video.

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