Scott Meyer is a founder, educator and community builder.

Scott David Meyer hiking with water and rocky terrain in background

About Scott

Scott is the founder of – a consultancy and studio working to scale education. His weekly newsletter at provides insights on the intersection of web3 and education. He is the proud and busy father to four and is based in Fargo, ND – yes, like the movie.

Previously, Scott Meyer was the VP of UJ Accelerated – a career-oriented education program from the University of Jamestown to help up-skill, re-skill, and certify skills for students looking to enter high-growth industries.

Meyer was also the Ozbun Executive Director of Entrepreneurship at North Dakota State University. He founded The Nice Center, an entrepreneurship center promoting entrepreneurship for all with the goal of reaching 95% of ND high school and college students by 2025.

Previously, Meyer founded 9 Clouds, an automotive inbound marketing agency based in Sioux Falls, SD, exiting in 2018. He also worked on political campaigns across the country during the 2018 midterms as a digital strategist.

As a community leader and former city councilor, he founded TEDxBrookings, Creativity Week and 1 Million Cups in Brookings. View his full bio and connect on LinkedIn.

Meyer has been awarded The South Dakota Spirit of Entrepreneurship, Top 40 Under 40 by Prairie Business Journal and Young Entrepreneur of the Year in South Dakota.

Speaking Engagements

A frequent speaker and teacher, Meyer brings energy and excitement around the topics of creating vibrant communities and businesses. As an entrepreneur and marketer, Meyer combines the worlds of web3, education, business and community in his presentations. If you would like to learn more, contact Scott. Here’s an example of one of his talks.

Past and Current Projects

  • The Nice Center
    The Nice Center at North Dakota State University believes in entrepreneurship for all. We help move passion to ideas and ideas to action. I launched The Nice Center as its first - and current - director.
  • Online, On-demand Entreprenurshp Course
    A Nice Intro to Entrepreneurship is an entrepreneurship course that offer dual-credit- high school and college credit. In a dynamic format, students find a passion, build a solution, and launch an idea.
  • Online Learning Consultant
    I'm available as an online learning consultant. I've helped large non-profits, government programs, and individual entrepreneurs to design, develop, promote, and run scaled learning. Formats range from asynchronous to cohort-based.
  • Digital Marketing for Car Dealers
    I founded and grew 9 Clouds for almost 10 years. 9 Clouds provide digital marketing for tier three auto dealers, specializing in content marketing, Facebook ads, lead tracking and email marketing. The 9 Clouds blog is a wealth of knowledge for digital marketers.
  • Facebook-Ads-Local-Election
    Supporting Candidates with Digital Consulting
    I offered my digital marketing skills to select candidates running for office this fall.
  • Visual Community Directory
    Connect creators in your community. This open-source WordPress plugin creates a directory that is yours to download, use and customize.
  • Learn to Win a Local Election
    I used digital media and grassroots organizing to fuel my successful city council campaign. Steal my blueprint with this book.
  • Travel Hacking Norway
    I spent five years living in Norway. This book shows you how to get there for free using points, miles, couchsurfing and more.