It’s Been Nice – Time for Education Accelerated

I'm excited to launch UJ Accelerated - a career-oriented education program to help re-skill, up-skill, and certify students in high-demand industries. Learn how we will build this program around four key principles of: credit for prior learning, career-oriented education, professional network, and employability.

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How to Relaunch and Revitalize On Deck Course Creators

On Deck Course Creators provided a powerful experience and network for participants. The program will not continue, but with a few tweaks, someone could revitalize the program and shape the future of education.

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Creating Accessible Cohort-Based Courses

Accessible CBCs

Community is essential for successful learning. With an eye on accessibility, more students can take part in cohort-based education.

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3 Ways to Disrupt Higher Ed

Higher education needs to innovate. The satisfaction is going down while the price goes up. The COVID-19 pandemic and a declining birthrate is combining for fewer potential students at the same time that demand is going down. There are three ways for higher ed to disrupt itself. Learn more about these ideas in this video.

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Mobilizing Universities to Fight COVID-19


Universities have the expertise and workforce to help fight COVID-19. For land-grant universities in particular, the core of our mission is to serve the state. It's time to take action.

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Be Bold, Be Weird, Choose Yourself

Scott Meyer Keynote Innovation Challenge

Be weird, be bold, and to choose yourself. Only 4 out of a 1,000 people in North Dakota choose to be an entrepreneur each month, that's why in this keynote I challenged the 996 people out of a 1,000 that support entrepreneurs to promote inclusion and make it easier for entrepreneurs to believe they can choose themselves.

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The Next Chapter: Supporting Entrepreneurship in Fargo and Beyond

I'm joining North Dakota State University as the Executive Director of Entrepreneurial Initiatives. Join me on this journey. Today, my past lives in education, community-building and entrepreneurship combine as I start a new position as...

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Entrepreneurship in the University Setting

Slides and content from North Dakota State University Entrepreneurship in the University Setting from Scott Meyer I believe that an entrepreneurial mindset is an essential skill for today’s students. On December 3rd, I had the...

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Test Political Messaging with Facebook Ads

test facebook messaging

Facebook is the world's largest and fastest focus group. Political campaigns can learn what issues and language matter most with voters using Facebook ads.

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Geographic Targeting on Facebook for Political Campaigns

turner county republicans

Get your message in front of the right voters. Geographic Targeting: Facebook’s Surprise Super Power The reason Facebook is an effective advertising channel for politicians is the targeting. You can choose exactly who to show...

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