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Be Bold, Be Weird, Choose Yourself

Scott Meyer Keynote Innovation Challenge

Be weird, be bold, and to choose yourself. Only 4 out of a 1,000 people in North Dakota choose to be an entrepreneur each month, that's why in this keynote I challenged the 996 people out of a 1,000 that support entrepreneurs to promote inclusion and make it easier for entrepreneurs to believe they can choose themselves.

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Digital Homesteading – The Future of Rural Communities

For the first time in history, rural homesteaders and urbanites have equal access to knowledge, markets and social connections. This potential can lead to a rural revival not seen since the days of the Homestead Act. For its lasting success, a culture of access and education is required.

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The greatest adventure

Throughout my adult life I've sought adventure. Whether living abroad, studying a new language, learning to SCUBA or starting a business, the frontier continuously called. This weekend, I began the greatest adventure of my life. I got married!

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The secret to happiness

If you want to enjoy more, learn more. Education is not merely a method to gain knowledge in order to do something but also is a means to uncover intrinsic value.

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