Enabling your audience like Sid’s estate sale

Sid Epstein was a local legend in Sioux Falls. For more than half a century he ran Sid’s Liquor, the iconic liquor store in downtown Sioux Falls, SD. Recently Sid passed away and today was his estate sale.

With the sale beginning at 8:30am, there were people lining up already at 5am to find their treasures. After years of working in the liquor business, Sid’s estate offered one-of-a-kind finds for nearly everyone- from beer steins to neon signs to kitsch coasters.

Be like Sid

As businesses and entrepreneurs, we want to be like Sid. We want to make ourselves accessible to the people lining up outside our door, curious what they might find inside. We need amazing treasures with a variety of ways for people to get in the door.

As an example, if I’m selling a $100 pair of glasses, I want to share some information for free for those who are not ready to buy. Maybe an email showing the latest trends in eyewear. I also want to look to offer a $50 entry product like sunglasses as well as a $200 up-sell product like the ultra-trendy transition lenses. I want to begin building a relationship with the people looking for treasures so when they are ready to purchase, I’m the person they think of; I’m the one they trust; I’m the one whose missions aligns with theirs.

Don’t spam, enable your audience

Much like Sid, I don’t have to spam people and trick them into buying our services or products. Instead I set out a variety of treasures, products or service offerings at different price points and let the people come and choose to engage however they are able. In 9 Clouds’ case, this means offering our free Guide to the Frontier via email, Sandbox for online learning and 1-on-1 training.

All too often businesses revert to spam as a way to trick customers. Derek Johnson and his team at Tatango highlight this fact in their latest infographic on text message spam. It is out of control!

Instead of spamming, just be like Sid. Enable your audience to support and join in your mission. Give them the chance to continue the interaction as their trust and needs grow. Offer amazing and unique products and services. Then your business can be like Sid’s estate sale, packed with people lining up to find exactly what they didn’t know they needed. Beer stein anyone?

Text Message Marketing by Tatango.

Posted on August 5th, 2011 in Community