Falling Washing Machines and Norwegian Heating

I had a new experience yesterday.

I caught an air conditioner falling out of a window. Yep. I caught an air conditioner falling out of a window.

Now before I sound heroic, I have to admit, also dropped it. As the weather changes to fall, it was time to take the window air conditioning unit out and prepare for winter. I slowly pulled the window up and suddenly…

WHOOSH! The air conditioner was falling out of the second story window with the cord whipping off the ground. Somehow instinct took over and my left hand reached out and grabbed the cord. As the AC bounced off the roof held the cord and suspended the unit about five feet off the ground.

About this time as my muscles tightened, I decided I prefer bathroom heating to air conditioning. Seriously, if you have never experienced heated floor you haven’t lived.

In Tromsø, Norway, heated bathroom floors come standard. Even in the cramped student apartment you could quickly dry the water off the floor and warm your feet by stepping on the floors. It makes sense when you’re above the Arctic Circle, but it also might have something to do with the electricity in Norway. Norway produces 98% of its capacity from hydroelectricity. And you feel a lot less guilty leaving the heat on when it’s coming from the nearby fjord. Of course the downside is that you have to have it on 9 months a year, but I think the Norwegian-Americans could learn something from the floor heating technology of their ancestors. Especially in January and February.

And especially when compared to falling air conditioners.

Posted on October 12th, 2010 in Norway, Travel