Diversity Makes Communities Vibrant. Immigration Bans Don’t.

Diversity of ideas, backgrounds and talents make our Midwest communities vibrant. President Donald Trump’s recent executive order restricting immigration and suspending refugee admission hurts our communities.

I work with a diverse group of community leaders and advocates of all political backgrounds. We run companies, manage co-working spaces and host community-building events such as TEDx and Start-Up Weekend. Most importantly, we all love our communities, communities founded not long ago by immigrants who made the Midwest what it is today.

The Midwest already has a challenge attracting and retaining talent. The recent executive order makes it even more difficult. Fewer people are able to come to the United States and join us in building our communities. The order discourages those already in our communities from staying. This is especially troubling in college towns like my home of Brookings, SD.

As community-builders, we must publicly affirm the importance of diversity in our Midwest communities and reject Trump’s executive order. This public stand will be the welcome sign inviting more talented people to join us as we build our communities.

Help us make the Midwest a vibrant, welcoming home for all. Stand up for diversity in your community.

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