The greatest adventure

Throughout my adult life I’ve sought adventure. Whether living abroad, studying a new language, learning to SCUBA or starting a business, the frontier continuously called. This weekend, I began the greatest adventure of my life. I got married!

I was never sure if I wanted to get married. I didn’t want to feel tied down, I didn’t want to make a mistake and I didn’t want to grow up. Friday however as I stood before my wife and dearest friends and family, all of these concerns were wiped away. I was at total peace and was ecstatic that I could now explore my frontiers with someone.

Suddenly I have a partner. A dear friend and lover who not only accompanies me on adventures but also pushes me, refusing to let me settle and refusing to let me lose sight of what’s most important in life. It’s as if the greatest adventure has now begun and as a team we will be able to do and see what was previously unimaginable for me as an individual.

Our relationship also feels different. I didn’t know if it would or if it would matter that we were officially married, but by standing in front of everyone who has supported and joined us on our life’s adventures, we signed a pact. My wife Taylor and I will live our lives and pursue our dreams together with the support from everyone in both of our family and friend circles. Plus, we are now responsible to help them, to be there for them and to encourage them to continue exploring.

I’m excited! The fun has just begun and a life of adventure awaits.

Similarly your adventure awaits. It may be visiting a new part of the world, learning to cook a new dish, studying a new language, meeting new friends, starting a business, teaching yourself a new skill, confronting a fear or like me this week, committing to the love of your life.

Whatever your adventure is, don’t wait. Your frontier is out there, calling your name. As I learned this weekend, pursuing that adventure will be the best decision you’ll ever make.

Posted on July 23rd, 2012 in Life