Turning 30: Time for legacy work

It was with little fanfare that my 30th birthday came and went last month. I enjoyed a great meal with my fianceƩ, kind gifts from friends and family and a few barbs at hitting the milestone.

The big change however is in my outlook. I have been working as an entrepreneur and explorer since graduating from college at the age of 23. Seven years later, I’ve had numerous adventurers, great stories and developed personal and meaningful relationships.

Now, however, it’s time for legacy.

Legacy Work

It’s easy as an entrepreneur and business owner to make busy-ness your key metric. If I’m busy and working hard, I’m doing well and moving forward. Most of the time, however, there is serious wheel-spinning occurring. In my own business, it feels great to be busy and do work. Rarely however do we force ourselves to step back and think through what we want to be remembered for.

My 30th birthday has reminded me to take a step back and think through that question. As the birthday reminded me, there is no time like the present to begin legacy work. The work that people will remember you by. The work that defines you.

My first step in my legacy work journey was to complete the Travel Hacking Guide to Norway, now available for purchase. I want to be remembered as an inspiration to help others explore, and this book is the first step.

My second step in helping others explore is beginning now. I’m aiming to bring a band of explorers together to push the limits of business, education and travel on this site. If we can collectively inspire, encourage and teach one another how to live a thoughtful and exciting life, I will be closer to completing my legacy work. Learn more about the band of explorers here.

How will people remember you?

As you go to work this morning or try to decide what to do this summer, ask yourself what you want your legacy to be. How can you create that legacy? It may take years or decades, but that’s why it is legacy work. It shouldn’t be easy. It shouldn’t be quick. It should, however, help you get out of bed every morning with excitment to work on your life’s mission.

Maybe you’re approaching the 30 milestone or are well past it. I think it’s great. I’m pumped to be 30. The true milestone is ahead as I seek, with your help, comments and participation, the chance to explore and inspire our band of explorers.

Posted on May 18th, 2012 in Business