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Six tips to building a business through guest blogging

It is important for every business person to grow an audience of supporters. However, building this list takes time. Instead of waiting for that audience to grow to a critical mass, you should introduce yourself to the audience of others through guest blogging. Read these six tips on how to jump-start your business or idea through guest blogging.

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How to name your big idea

25 months ago I was sitting outside drinking a beer with my brother. We knew we wanted to start a business together, but we had one last hurdle….what should we call it?! The process of naming is challenging and sometimes debilitating, just ask any mother or father looking for that perfect name (I for example was allegedly named after toilet paper). As you prepare to start your next project or business, you undoubtedly ask yourself: What should I call this? Learn from our mistakes as we help you name your big ideas.

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